Food, wine and culture.
To some it's a passion; to others it's an obsession. To us it's a State of Mind. Taste Acquired. Welcome to the world of Don Miguel Gascón.

Our Wines

Our wines reflect Argentina's rich winemaking history and the vibrant culture of our country. We select our grapes from some of Mendoza's most prestigious high-altitude vineyards, and we craft our Malbec wines to reflect the undeniable energy of Argentina.

Choripán: An Argentine Classic

Time to spice up your 4th of July cookout – literally. If you're tired of the standard grill occupants, we highly recommend you check out a simple twist on some great BBQ: the choripán. Typically known as an appetizer in Argentina, choripán is a delicious sandwich with chorizo meat served whole or split on a toasted bread roll and topped with chimichurri sauce.

Wine & Shine: Enjoying a Glass Outdoors

Even when the summer hits, Malbec is still a great go-to-wine for even the most sweltering of days. Typically known as a bold, robust wine, Malbec can be surprisingly refreshing, especially when you're outdoors and the temps are rising.

The Empanada: A Delicious Retrospective

Pillowy pastry stuffed with deliciously seasoned meat? Yeah, we're in. The empanada is an icon of Argentine cuisine, but its roots stretch back to the 1500s in Spain and Portugal.

First Class: The Don's Guide to Travel

Formula One champion racer and quintessential Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio once said, "You need great passion, because everything you do with great pleasure, you do well."