The Art of the Dinner Conversation

The Art of the Dinner Conversation

A big part of a memorable dinner isn’t the food… it’s the interactions with the people sitting at the table. And, it’s said that the best appetizer is good conversation, so here are a few tips to master the art of dinner conversation:


Arrive with some of your favorite stories. You might have a hilarious anecdote from a night out or a special memory with one of the other guests. Keep a few of those in your pocket and get ready to share. Don’t be shy if the story involves some embarrassing episodes, all the better!


Listen and bounce the conversation back to each person. Everyone wants to talk about themselves a little to get started, so why not ask some interesting questions that hint at everyone’s personalities. “Top 3 favorite cities in the world for travel…go!” or “You just sold a company for $40 million – what’s the first thing you buy?” are always great starters that allow you to give your own answers and pass it around.


Be the wine expert of the group and lay down some interesting knowledge. If you’ve read some of our other articles, you already to know a thing or two about Malbec. Bring a bottle of Gascón and you’ll have plenty to talk about.


Give these tips a try and the dinner conversation will naturally flow. At the end of the night, everyone, including you, will have an unforgettable night with the best ingredients… food, wine and conversation.


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