Music festivals and barbecues are over. Good thing football season is here to fill our time.


What’s not changing with the season is your trusty food pairing partner, Malbec. Here are some fall-friendly foods that go great with a glass of Don Miguel Gascón. Whether it's a game-day get-together or a sit-down dinner party, these are true crowd-pleasers.


Smoked pork roast. As temps start to drop, there's something to be said for gravitating to warm, smoky foods. Good thing, since they go well with Malbec. It doesn't have to be pork. Smoky poultry or even a hearty dish featuring a smoked cheese would be nice complement to that Gascón.


Pulled pork sliders are another great match. Make your life easier and do them in the slow cooker.


Braised short ribs. Beef is a natural fit for Malbec, and you can continue to grill your steaks throughout the fall – and even all winter long. But for the times you’re not grilling, this stick-to-your-ribs slow-cooked dish needs to be in your cooking repertoire. Use Malbec as part of your braising liquid for maximum flavor – and ultimate pairing synergy as you sip your Gascón.


Chili. Do it with meat or go vegetarian. Either way a bowl of chili can pair nicely with Malbec. Especially if it has some smoky undertones from paprika and chipotles in adobo and a little kick of cayenne and chili powder. As long as the spiciness isn't too intense, you'll find that Malbec is a perfect accompaniment.


There's no shortage of sides that pair well with Malbec, so take advantage of that fall harvest. Think whipped sweet potatoes or spiced apples. Or a salad loaded with toasted nuts and a mild blue cheese.


Malbec shines even at dessert time as long as the dessert isn't overly sweet. Finish off that fall meal with a rich dark chocolate cake or mousse and a glass of Gascón.


The summer cookouts were great, but now it's time to up your game for the fall. These dishes are just the thing to get you started.

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