Do-It-Yourself: Wine Barrel Sinks

Do-It-Yourself: Wine Barrel Sinks

For the real wine lovers out there, we have a creative weekend project for you… wine barrel sinks. Show off your affinity for wine by repurposing a used barrel as your new sink vanity. It will instantly add a cool factor to the look of your bathroom, grilling patio, or cleanup area. Here’s a DIY guide to make it happen.


Materials needed: Wine barrel, sink, faucet, water hookups, drain

Hardware and tools needed: Jigsaw, drill, screws, silicon, measuring tape, small door latch

  1. Find a wine barrel. Wineries may have them available for sale. Used ones can also be found online, often for less than $100.
  2. Choose a sink and a faucet to use on the barrel top.
  3. Secure the metal rings around the barrel by drilling screws into them and into the wood staves.
  4. Create an opening on one side of the barrel for the water access and drain by using a jigsaw. (Save the wood from the cut to create a door for this opening by using a latch)
  5. Measure or trace the sink & faucet you chose and cut an opening on the barrel. Use the jigsaw once again to cut out an opening.
  6. Place and secure the sink & faucet into the barrel with nails and silicon.
  7. Attach water hookups and a drain inside the barrel to the sink and faucet.
  8. Lastly, connect it to your water source and test it out!

For some more detail around the steps, make sure to check out this link:


After this weekend project, celebrate by inviting guests over for some wine. As people use the sink, you’ll be sure to get countless compliments on a job well done. 

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