Colossal Taste With Don Miguel Gascón Colosal

Colossal Taste With Don Miguel Gascón Colosal

There’s only one thing that happens when you lead with a Malbec and blend in Bonarda, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon… you get an incredible big bold flavor.


Our Colosal Red Blend brings complex flavors of blackberry, ripe plum and dark cherry to create a bold taste that reflects its name and showcases all that our winery represents.


When should you drink it? Any time you can. It’s completely versatile, which means it’s perfect for a family dinner yet powerful enough to stand out at party filled with other wine options. Our favorite occasions for the Colosal Red Blend, however, are COLOSAL celebrations. Big taste is best paired with big events, so the next time your pal gets a promotion, someone gets hitched, or you’re just trying to make it a special weekend… look to uncork this.


Have you tried a glass of Don Miguel Gascón Colosal Red Blend? Let everyone know what you think! Find out more notes from the winemaker and get ready to make a stop at the wine shop soon.


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