Unique Night Out: Head to the Wine Bar

Unique Night Out: Head to the Wine Bar

Hey, we get it. Sometimes it isn’t easy trying something new during a night out. Well, we’ve got your back on this one. For something a little different, try out a local wine bar.


If you’ve never been to a wine bar, here’s some background. They first appeared in the U.S. in the 1980s and have gained popularity ever since. Nowadays, they’re as common as regular bars with many specializing in certain types of wines or regions. They have a great vibe, offering an easygoing alternative to your regular options, often with delicious, regionally themed small plates and a highly educated staff to assist in a fun, unique evening out.


Our reasons why you should the wine bar is a great spot:


•     Sophisticated experience of a wine tasting in a relaxed, casual setting.

•     It’s a creative choice and your friends or your girl will appreciate changing it up.

•     It’s typically less crowded, very comfortable and low key. Some nights it’s better to hang out with just the crew.

•     Most all wine bars have some great dishes to share… and there’s not much better of a reason than that for the foodies.


However, we realize wine bars aren’t on every corner (wishful thinking). So, if you still want the wine bar experience at home, identify a category – a region, a grape, etc. – and pair with some small plates for a casually creative night at home. Cheers!

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