The Always Colorful La Boca

The Always Colorful La Boca

There are countless reasons to visit Buenos Aires and the vibrant neighborhood of La Boca is absolutely one of them. If you haven’t thought about exploring Argentina, it’s time to discover a hidden gem that’ll have you booking a flight soon enough.


To say La Boca is photogenic just isn’t enough… it’s a uniquely beautiful district laid with cobblestone streets and a mix of colorful walls on metal houses. Its name literally translates to “the mouth” since it sits at the opening of the river that Europeans historically used. This means that the area is more than just distinct in looks, it’s culturally diverse. Artists, handcrafters, and local creative types use La Boca for its cinema schools and art studios, which adds a hip vibe to its historic charm.


Once you’re done snapping photos around the main streets, there are also interesting spots to visit deep within. Teatro de la Ribera is a theater that hosts the museum of famous painter, Benito Quinquela Martin along with other contemporary Argentine artists who have been influential to the neighborhood. Before you leave the area, walk down Caminito Street to buy local art to make your visit memorable. Of course food is great wherever you go, so just follow the savory smell of meat on the parilla and you’ll be good.


Now that you have the breakdown on what to expect in La Boca, who’s up for an impromptu adventure to a one-of-a-kind spot?

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