The Southern Hemisphere's Answer to Parisian Charm

The Southern Hemisphere's Answer to Parisian Charm

It's no mistake that Buenos Aires is nicknamed "the Paris of South America." It's a bright metropolis with a conscious understanding of good food, beautiful fashion and busy night life. This place has it all. Be sure to hit up these local spots.


Microcentro. If you're the "shop 'til you drop" type, head here. With plenty of foot traffic and beautiful buildings, it's a great location to get to know the city.


Puerto Madero. Home to the upscale side of town, this area definitely has pricier hotels and a personality all its own. The historic dock district is here, which means stunning sunsets over the water.


Recoleta. Looking for exquisite city scenery? You'll find the city's Parisian-style architecture here. Get lost on a stroll through this district, or pass through it on your way to the parks and museums of Palermo.


Palermo Viejo. Trendy? Check. Chic? Check. This small neighborhood has a cool, historic vibe, with rows of one-of-a-kind shops and boutique hotels.


La Boca. The city's roots run deep in this historic section of Buenos Aires. As the original settlement of the city, you'll find brightly painted buildings and locals doing their thing.


Looking for a place to eat after a full day? Head over to El Centro and treat yourself to one of the city's best parrillas for Argentine beef.

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