Saving the oven space for delectable sides while you set out to impress your holiday guests with your grill prowess? Well played.


Get the grill involved with our top 5 suggested switches to your holiday menu (or even your average Tuesday menu):


1.      Grilled Turkey + Malbec

We say no more throwing a bird in the oven and calling it a day. Stay traditional with turkey, but give it that special twist by grilling. You won't ruffle any feathers with a bird boasting such moist meat. Its sweet, smoky flavor pairs perfectly with Malbec. Think about serving some roasted vegetables flecked with rosemary and sweet onion confit as side dishes.


2.      Honey-Baked Ham + Colosal

A holiday ham is another tasty tradition, but what if that honey-baked ham was honey-grilled? The added grilled dimension will play perfectly off the sweet pineapple and honey glaze. Slather it up and grill something truly mouthwatering. As for sides, cornbread dressing is always great, as is spicy cranberry chutney. Now, don’t forget to pour some Colosal and pose for that family photo to make it picture perfect.


3.      Prime Rib + Reserva

Break out your favorite spice rub and give your signature flavor to a prime rib roast. It's a succulent and sophisticated showstopper guaranteed to make your holiday meal one for the ages. Cheesy polenta can add to the decadence and a balsamic string bean salad offers a nice compliment to the richness. As for wine, go for the Reserva; it's a natural fit for prime rib.


4.      Rack of Lamb + Colosal

Ready to rack up another winner in your repertoire? Toss some frenched racks of lamb into your favorite marinade and then grill to your preferred doneness (we're partial to medium-rare). Here's a bonus: these beauties are equally as impressive as an appetizer or as your main attraction. Serve it alongside creamy butternut squash risotto and Brussels sprouts with crisped pancetta and you've got yourself a keeper. Wait, pour some Colosal. Now you've really got yourself a keeper.


5.      Lobster + Malbec

You can add a little more elegance to your next holiday meal by grilling lobster tails. Simply brush a little herbed butter onto the lobster meat, and grill up a crustacean masterpiece. These cook quickly, so make sure you keep your eye on them – you only need about 10 minutes. Lemony Swiss chard and some drawn butter for the lobster round out this meal. As for wine? Well, Malbec is great with seafood too.


Some quick tips you’ll thank us for later:

  1. For the larger meats, like turkey, ham and prime rib, be sure to set your grill for indirect heat to prevent the outside from burning before the meat is done.
  2. Use a drip pan underneath the meat
  3. Be careful with your heat – not too high.


Try these out for yourself. We're sure it will change your outlook on holiday cooking indefinitely.

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