Your calendar is starting to fill up with music festivals and pool parties. That means summer’s coming… and with it, a whole lot of grilling. For us, that usually means asado time. If you’re familiar with asado, then you know how glorious this Argentinian tradition is: top-quality meats slow-cooked in the company of close friends and family. How can you go wrong? Now all you need are these four easy steps to kick off your best grill season yet!



An authentic asado is typically cooked on a parrilla, a large brick structure with a built-in grill. If you don’t have a parrilla, don’t fret! You can still create an authentic asado. You just need a grill – but not a gas grill. A real asado calls for real flavor, and that means using wood as your heat source. If you can’t do wood, charcoal will work just fine. As for that heat, we don’t want any angry flames…the proper way to cook asado is slowly, so set your grill for indirect heat: the coals should be below and to the side of the meat. The slow cooking keeps the meat tender and juicy and, of course, gives you more time to catch up with friends (and share some Malbec). 



As far as tools go, you really don’t need much. Long-handled tongs will be your best friend. It’s also good to have a grill spatula handy for those times you’re turning a large piece of meat. A little advice though: steer clear of grill forks because they puncture the meat, and all those precious juices will run out leaving you with a drier, less flavorful piece of steak. You need to keep that cooking surface clean with a grill brush, so when you’re done cooking and the grates are still warm, give the grill a good brushing.



Any asado requires good quality meat. From the most tender to the most flavorful, Argentina knows its beef. Get to know some of the best cuts (entraña, bife de lomo, asado de tira and bife de chorizo) with this handy primer.


The great thing about using top-quality meat is that it shines on its own. Simply rub with some oil and season with coarse salt and pepper, and then throw them on the grill. Bonus: testing for doneness doesn’t require any special tools other than your hands. (Learn to check for doneness using this easy finger test and you’ll never need a meat thermometer.) And of course, serve your perfectly grilled beef with the classic accompaniments. Chimichurri, provoleta and toasted bread are just some asado must-haves.



Now break out the Gascón wine and pour everyone a glass! The round tannins and spice hints in our full-bodied Malbec fit well with bife de lomo. Our bold Colosal Red Blend, with its complexity and dark fruit notes, complements entraña and asado de tira. Enjoying a bife de chorizo? Our Reserva Malbec’s flavors of plum and blackberry fruit are just the thing to make that beef burst with flavor.


Now go fire up that grill. You’re good to go! 

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