Asado vs. BBQ: A Showdown of Two Cookout Styles

Asado vs. BBQ: A Showdown of Two Cookout Styles

Asado vs. BBQ: A Showdown of Two Cookout Styles
Grilling is an art form. The way you cook meat directly influences the way it tastes. For us, there’s the barbecue style that’s popular in the U.S. and then there’s the Argentine asado style that we love. To be honest, we like both. A lot. But some days are better suited for one or the other. Before you man the grill with either, you need to understand that these two methods have a few key differences:



Asado BBQ
Cooking Time   

Slow cooking (typically two hours+)

Faster cooking (ten to 30 minutes)
Cooking Method Hot coals or wood embers are used as source of heat Charcoal or gas to keep the heat direct and hot
Seasonings Simple, such as sea salt & cracked pepper to emphasize smoky, natural flavors. Can be topped with chimichurri sauce. Depends, but there is heavy use of BBQ sauce or dry rub, which widely ranges in recipes.
Types of Meat Asado-type meats are best to use like flank steak or beef ribs. Popular U.S. cuts of beef are used like filet mignon, porterhouse, or a burger. Meats are more standardized.
Drinks to Pair With Your favorite beverage... But we always recommend a Malbec.


Pairs well with beer, cocktails, and wine.


Now that you have the knowledge on your plate, it’s time to get some delicious food on there as well. No matter which style you decide to go with for your cookout, we know everyone’s going to end up well fed with some flavorful meat.


So the big question is... are you ready to try grilling your meat slow and simple.

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