Prime Cuts: A Guide to Argentina's Beef

Prime Cuts: A Guide to Argentina's Beef

For a country that has asado as its national dish, Argentina knows a thing or two about different cuts of meat. Picking the perfect cut for the parrilla (grill) is an art form. Consider this your introduction to art school:


Bife de chorizo. A great go-to choice because it's a classic sirloin steak, like a New York strip. It's big and juicy, so you can't go wrong. Ask your local grocery store or butcher to help you out with the best cuts.


Asado de tira. These are short ribs. Very short ribs. Because of this, they might not have a lot of meat, but they get really crispy over the grill and packed with flavor. They're also affordable. Score.


Entraña. For a cut that's a little thinner but packed with flavor, nothing beats entraña. It's essentially a skirt steak, which tastes great wrapped in a corn tortilla.


Bife de lomo. The always-popular tenderloin. Once this one hits the grill, the meat gets perfectly tender and juicy. The extra price is worth every bite.

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