Which Grill is Best for You this Summer? You Decide.

Which Grill is Best for You this Summer? You Decide.

If it's summertime, it's grilling time. For many, grilling is a passion. By now, you know how much we love it (and how seriously we take it.) But grilling is also very personal. Everyone has different needs and different circumstances. So rather than continue to fan the flames of the old gas vs. charcoal debate (which will never be settled), we're laying out your options for what to use as your official summer grill. After all, if it’s a grill you’ll use, then that's the best grill for you.


Charcoal. Charcoal grill enthusiasts enjoy these workhorses because they love that unmistakable charcoal flavor that gets imparted to the food that comes off those grates. Everyone's goal is to get that incredible crust on the outside of the steak. Charcoal grills can reach higher temperatures, so that crust is achieved fairly reliably. You do have to allow a little time for the charcoal to get good and hot before beginning your grill session.


Gas. Easier to start – and easier to clean – than charcoal grills, gas grills deliver the convenience we all prize so much today. A press of a button and you're on your way. You may not get that same level of heat that you do from a charcoal grill, but it will come close, and you'll still get a decent sear on your steaks. And after you're done your grill session, a quick brush of the still-warm grates is all that's needed.


Electric. More affordable than charcoal or gas, electric grills are typically small, making them a good fit for someone who's tight on space or never has to cook for a large crew. Don't count on getting that nice crust like you would from a charcoal or gas grill (electric grills simply don't get that hot), but you will be able to plug it in and get grilling fast. A key feature of electric grills is their portability. Most of them can be taken with you, so wherever the party is…there's a grill there too. And wherever there's meat on the grill, there should be a bottle (or three) of Malbec.


So choose the grill that fits your lifestyle. Then crank up the heat and crank up the summer fun.

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