Gifting the perfect present. It’s the Holy Grail at holiday time. You want to find the right gift for each person on your list, which is easier said than done.


Or is it?


What if you could nail that gift on all the important levels, including tastefulness and thoughtfulness? Don Miguel Gascón fits the bill without costing you a ton of bills. Not that you mind spending big (as long as you actually like the person – or if it’s your boss and you have to). But you know that big money doesn’t automatically make a gift great, and what makes a great present for any wine lover… is a superior Malbec.


Don Miguel Gascón’s family of wines makes it easy to select the right wine for even the pickiest wine buff. The always-popular classic Malbec with its round tannins, dark fruit notes and its signature finish – long and rich – is a consistent crowd-pleaser. Our bold Colosal Malbec Red Blend (maybe for that larger-than-life personality with an adventurous streak?) with a mix of fruit and chocolate notes is perfect for pairing with richer foods. Our Reserva Malbec makes a statement with complexity at its finest.


While all of Gascón’s wines are attractively priced, the Reserva does sit at a higher price point. Whichever you choose, rest assured that your friends and family are getting a full-bodied, skillfully made wine.


Did you get a jump on your holiday shopping? Smart getting it done early. Just make sure that wine is kept in a dark place at around (a relatively consistent) 55 degrees. You want that wine to be its best self when you give it. And make sure you attach a gift tag or card: you definitely want the credit for a great gift.

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