Bike Polo: An Urban Twist to a Classic Game

Bike Polo: An Urban Twist to a Classic Game

Bike polo… The sport of kings on wheels! This is when a great game gets better by bringing it right into the modern age.


Bike polo is typically played on any type of hard court, such as a parking lot, tennis court, or street hockey rink. The rules are always simple: two teams with three riders each hit a ball into the opposing team’s goal. Just like soccer or hockey, you’ve got to move quickly and pass to the open player to keep the odds in your favor for winning. Oh, and make sure to keep that balance going… A penalty is given if a player steps off his or her bike and then it’ll be three on two!


The sport has taken off in places like Seattle, New York, Washington D.C., Austin, and Miami, where communities have pushed the game forward with an infused local touch.


Perhaps it’s time to dust off your own bike, get a mallet, and take to the court… Who’s game?

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