A wine with soul doesn’t just happen. What gets poured into the glass at dinner parties is mastered behind the scenes, every step carefully thought about, tweaked and perfected. Winemaking is a complex process, but it’s one of love. Here, we break it down for you:

  • Start with where. Terroir has a massive impact on wine. The soil, climate and terrain all determine the final product. In Mendoza, some of the vineyards soar to 5,000 feet above sea level, creating the perfect combination of sunlight, elevation and soil to grow extraordinary Malbec grapes.  
  • Once you've settled on your locale, select your grape variety. Along with terroir, your choice of grape forms your wine’s identity. It’s like selecting the perfect fabric for that bespoke suit.
  • Once the grapes are perfectly ripe, they’re picked. Carefully. That smoothness and refined quality? That’s the result of selecting only the best grapes at harvesting time.
  • The grapes go into a machine to be crushed. For red wine, keep the skins with the juice. For white, the skins are separated from the juice.
  • Like any good and worthy pursuit, patience is key. It takes time to let all that good fermentation happen in a stainless steel vat or oak barrel, the temperature carefully controlled.
  • The wine now needs to be filtered, bottled, and then, in some cases aged.

Is there more to it? Of course. Our Malbec undergoes additional steps throughout the process, like cold-soaking the grapes after harvesting and putting them through malolactic fermentation after their initial fermentation. Every part of the winemaking process plays an important role in what you’re sipping: what you taste, what hits the nose, the color you see, the aromas, the notes, the mouthfeel, the finish.


The bottom line? You want a wine with ambition, you don’t just pluck any wine off the shelf and expect it to be polished. You’ve got to put the work in.


Enjoy Gascón.

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