Authentic Argentina

Whether you call it Microcentro, Downtown or The City, the Microcentro in Argentina is where it at.

There are countless reasons to visit Buenos Aires and the vibrant neighborhood of La Boca is absolutely one of them. If you haven’t thought about exploring Argentina, it’s time to discover a hidden gem that’ll have you booking a flight soon enough.

It’s said that Yerba Mate has the strength of coffee, the benefits of tea, and is a great drink for a meet up with your best pals… So, we’re definitely in! What exactly is Yerba Mate?

We’re all for cool pads in trendy neighborhoods, but when there’s a good story behind them, we’re sold.

Mendoza draws visitors from all corners of the globe year-round, undoubtedly because of its status as a wine mecca. There's no shortage of cool, local places to grab a bite and sip the local wines.

Are you a sucker for romance? Don't miss a visit to the Puente de la Mujer Bridge in the Puerto Madero area of Buenos Aires. Thousands of padlocks grace the rail cables along the path.

It's no mistake that Buenos Aires is nicknamed "the Paris of South America." It's a bright metropolis with a conscious understanding of good food, beautiful fashion and busy night life.

Pillowy pastry stuffed with deliciously seasoned meat? Yeah, we're in. The empanada is an icon of Argentine cuisine, but its roots stretch back to the 1500s in Spain and Portugal.

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